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Various kinds of rice-related products
The shop also deals with a variety of products made from okome or Japanese rice, which include:
Miso (soybean paste)

Sikomi-Miso (dark-brown), JPY534/750g,
produced by Yamajirushi-Jozo in Nagano Pref.

Mikoji-MIo (light-brown), JPY400/500g,
produced by Yamajirushi-Jozo in Nagano Pref.

Nori (laver)

Hamanako-Nori (preservable food boiled down in soy sauce), JPY350/100g,
produced in Shizuoka Pref., no preservatives contained


Irimame Kashi (parched beans snack)

Sakae-mame, JPY380/120g,
produced by Tsurumaki in Niigata Pref.


Senbei (rice cracker)

Shokunin-kodawari Tage, JPY380/150g,

produced in Chiba Pref.

Michi (rice cake)

Shirage Mochi, JPY1,350/800g,

produced in Nagano Pref.



Low-cholesterol Egg, JPY350/10 eggs

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