How to cook okome or Japanese rice


Step 1:

Measure the volume of okome. 1 gou equals 150 grams.

Step 2:

Put the okome in a cooking pot and fill the pot with cold water.

Rinse it lightly and then discard the cloudy water.

Repeat the process until the water becomes almost clear.

​Step 3:

Adjust the volume of okome and water in the proportion of 1 to 1.1-1.2.

Soak the okome in the water for half an hour.

Cook the pot over a medium or high heat for seven minutes and then over a low heat for seven minutes.

Keep it for ten minutes.

Step 4:

When cooked, open the lid of the pot and turn up the cooked okome, which is generally called gohan, by using a rice scoop in order to emit steam. Then close the lid.​

Step 5:

In five minutes, you can get the deliciously cooked okome or gohan!

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