Kanai’s Special Selection

Perfect for Souvenir!

The Shop prepares a special assortment for those who want to appreciate the delicacy in taste and flavor of okome or Japanese rice. The package, with a total amount of 300g and at a price of just 380 yen, contains two or three different types of okome or Japanese rice (single origin or carefully selected). This will make a perfect souvenir!


Selection 1: Tsuya Tsuya Mocchiri (Silky and Sticky)

Strong: Komeken original blend

Medium: Koshihikari produced in Uonuma, Niigata

Weak: Koshihikari produced in Oguni, Niigata

Price: 380 yen (tax not included)

Total amount: 300g


Selection 2: Fukkura Tsubu Tsubu (Fluffy and Springy)

Strong: Koshihikari produced in Tomi, Nagano

Medium: Koshihikari produced in Nyuuzen, Toyama

Weak: Akitakomachi, Ogatamura, Akita

Price: 380 yen (tax not included)

Total amount: 300g

Selection 3: Kuchidoke Sappari (Light and Fresh)

Strong: Domannaka produced in Shonai, Yamagata

Medium: Haenuki produced in Shonai, Yamagata

Price: 380 yen (tax not included)

Total amount: 300g​


All of the selected rice is farmed with little pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

We will pack it at your request on the counter.