Q: Do you sell any rice produced not in Japan?

A: No. We sell only Japanese rice produced in Japan.

Q: Can we buy brown rice as well as polished rice?

A: Yes, you can. We deal with both polished rice and brown rice.

Q: What farming methods of Japanese rice are you selling?

A: We are selling the following farming methods of Japanese rice:
a) farmed without any fertilizer and pesticide;
b) farmed without any pesticide but with organic fertilizer;
c) farmed with little amount of fertilizer and pesticide.


Q: How much is the minimum purchase amount?

A: The minimum sales amount is 1 kilogram.

We also prepare a 300-gram special package as a souvenir.


Q: Until when is the rice good for eating deliciously?

A: As for polished rice, you can eat it deliciously for a one-month period after polishing.